Dialogue with UP President Danilo Concepcion

Dear Fellow UP Alumni in the Bay Area and on Linkedin:

1. UP President Danilo Concepcion Dialogue With UP Alumni in The Bay Area,Nov 1, 2017at the Philippine Consulate from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

The UP Alumni Association of San Francisco (UPAASF) will be hosting a general meeting with all UP Alumni in the Bay Area. Our newly installed President of the University of the Philippines, Attorney Danilo Concepcion will join us at this meeting on November 1, 2017 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Philippine Consulate located at 447 Sutter St., San Francisco, CA 94108.

On behalf of UPAASF President Richie Dira, I am inviting each one of you to participate in this meeting,  and give our new UP President a very warm welcome in the Bay Area. Kindly pass on this invitation to your other UP friends or classmates. There is no fee to attend this event.

Please RSVP on or before October 28, 2017 by Eventbrite:

I also encourage you, your organization, or your corporation  to send proposed programs or projects for UP ( if any), in advance to President Richie at

2. Upcoming Activities of UPAASF

  • Christmas Party and General Meeting 2017-2018. To be scheduled for December 2017, 2018. For volunteers in organizing this event, please email President Richie at
  • First Filipino Billiards Tournament, San Francisco 2018. To be scheduled first quarter of 2018. For volunteers in organizing this event, please email Dr. Sheryl Casuga at
  • Filipino Cultural Heritage Summer Camp K-12, July 2018. To be scheduled summer of 2018. For volunteers in organizing this event, please email Ana Segovia at
  • UPAASF Monthly Mixers/Fellowship 2018. To be scheduled every month of 2018. For volunteers in organizing these mixers or speakers, please email John Valdezco at
  • 2018 Golf Tournaments. To be scheduled for 2018. For volunteers in organizing these tournaments, please email Roger Diaz at

3. Call for All Bay Area Alumni to be Active Participants/Project Proponents in UPAASF activities/projects

As your board secretary, I am inviting all UP alumni in the bay area to actively participate in running UPAASF. There are more than 1500 UP alumni in the Bay Area. Each one’s input is priceless.

Membership in UPAASF is open to all UP alumni in the Bay Area. There are two types of membership, namely:

  1. Regular members:  Every person who is a holder of any degree, title, or certificate, or who is a former regular student of the University having earned at least sixty (60) academic units and not having been dismissed for misconduct or scholastic deficiency,  is a regular member.
  2. Honorary members:  Members of the faculty and administration of the University, parents who have sent at least three (3) children to the University, or other persons who have shown special interest in the University and the Alumni Association, may be nominated to become honorary members by any regular member in good standing of the Association,  and may be elected as such by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Note-those who studied at UP but did not complete 60 units or did not earn any degree, title or certificate may apply for honorary membership)

Members in Good Standing:

Every member, regular or honorary, who shall pay the annual fee is a member in good standing. However, in years when the Board waives the annual fee, every member, regular or honorary, is considered as a member in good standing.

Membership Fee Waived for 2017 

For this year, your board waived the annual fee. Thus, all alumni within the Bay Area are welcome as presumed members when you attend any of its activities or have shown intent.

Please visit for more information about UPAASF.

I am continuously trying to connect with all alumni on LinkedIn so as to bring each one as active participant in all UPAASF activities. This is your association and your active participation is of utmost importance to UPAASF. So please respond positively to my LinkedIn invite.

Thank you very much and I look forward to seeing you on November 1, 2017.

Clod Gomez
Board Secretary, UPAASF

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